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Triton Community Fund Requirements

Tournament Competition Fund Requirements


  1. The University of California, San Diego does not endorse events funded through the Triton Community Fund or the Tournament Competition Fund.
  2. Funding is based on your representation of the event.
  3. Applicants and/or the pertaining organization is responsible for event planning. UCSD is not a party to contracts for off-campus events.
  4. The organization does not represent the University of California, San Diego in an official capacity and is responsible for informing others that they are not agents of the University.

This online funding application system

  1. This on-line application system is used by student applicants, review committee members as well as the system administrator.
  2. Your submitted application can be viewed by all users to this system, including other students.
  3. Only committee members and the system administrator have the ability to change or remove submitted applications from the system. If changes are needed to a submitted application please contact Ann Hawthorne (listed below) for assistance.


If you have any questions or need technical assistance, email Ann Hawthorne at or by phone at (858)534-1585.